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Somerset team builders say Star Trek reflects behavioural types

ACF Teambuilding and Events in Redhill, says research has shown that people can usually be placed into four categories based on Star Trek.

Somerset team builders say Star Trek reflects behavioural types

Four Star Trek stars reflect the different human behavioural types, according to Trekkies and team building experts.

The team at ACF Teambuilding and Events in Redhill, says research has shown that people can usually be placed into four categories based on the sci-fi hit.

The personality types include: Captain Kirk, who is a driving ‘red’; Dr Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, an energising ‘yellow’; Montgomery Scott (‘Scotty’), an organising ‘green,’ and Dr Spock, an analysing ‘blue’.

Mark, who heads ACF Teambuilding and Events and is a former retained firefighter with over 30 years’ experience in sales, said: “The show demonstrates how different personality styles behave and, more importantly, how they can work together.

 “For example, Dr Spock’s logical evaluations often clashed with Captain Kirk’s more emotional style and were frustrating for a passionate Bones.

 “But in the end, people from different worlds and cultures all had to cooperate for the common good. We can learn from this to bolster relationships at home and in work.”

 The hotly-anticipated 2017 release of the new Star Trek: Discovery series is due out in the autumn.

 Arguably one of the most influential and iconic franchises of on-screen and cinematic history, Star Trek premiered over 50 years ago - exploring the realms of space and science fiction.

Mark, who offers MiRo psychometric assessments to better understand members of the team and how they can work to their strengths, said the show also looks at the human condition.

 The married-father-of-two from Bath, who has watched every episode of the original series, said: “If the ship was operated only by Spocks, it would not move very quickly. Likewise, if it was managed only by Kirks, then it would probably explode.

 “It helps to get the balance right with a mixture of people on board. We spend most of our time with work colleagues, so it’s important to be able to trust and respect them. If we have the right tools in place, the workplace can be an easier place to navigate.”

"The show demonstrates how different personality styles behave and, more importantly, how they can work together."
Mark Fanning

Behavioural styles are less clear cut than in the TV series and most people tend to include a mix – with one style dominating. All types can be sociable – should they wish.

Colleague Christina Cooke, who was previously a client of ACF while working for a fitness training provider, said complementary behavioural styles can help a team to ‘live long and prosper’ in the workplace.

The mum-of-two from Keynsham, who has worked in the health and fitness industry for nearly 20 years, said: “Kirk’s style, which is ‘red,’ is to want short, sharp facts. Such types take quite a direct approach, which some people find abrupt.

 “’Green’ Scottys like organisation and routine, whereas ‘yellow’ Bones tend to be more excitable people, but can be easily distracted. ‘Blue’ Spocks like details and can sometimes appear unemotional.

 “We are all different and there is no right or wrong behavioural style. But if we can better understand ourselves and others, then we can play to our strengths and work well together.”

Gary Braim, ACF’s regional director for Devon and Cornwall, has specialised in weapons and tactics for the Royal Marine Commandos for 12 years and served on a number of high risk operations around the world.

 He said: “It’s vital to work as part of a team in the Marines in order to protect lives. A strong team recognises individual differences and plays to each other’s strength.

 “Star Trek shows how very different characters work together - to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

 The team, based at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard close to Blagdon Lake, practice what they preach – with a mixture of red, yellow, blue and green behavioural types on their team.

 Mark, who organises teambuilding days at venues across the country, including a ‘space mission’ involving building ‘moon buggies’ with ‘radioactive parts’, said: “Gary is a ‘red’ and I’m a mix of ‘’red’ and ‘yellow’.

 “Christina is a ‘yellow’ and is good at maintaining strong client relationships. Storm Kennedy, who is a sales executive, is ‘green’ and very organised. Richard Birkett helps organise events and is a ‘blue’. His eye for details helps make sure everything runs like clockwork.”

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